Thirty Under 30: FHG’s Top Rising Stars

Over the last 30 years, First Hospitality Group has made a reputation as a company that’s consistently on the cutting edge. We’ve risen to meet the changing climate of the hospitality industry, achieving results that speak for themselves along the way. It’s among the many aspects of our business on which we pride ourselves most – surpassed only by the extraordinary group of people that we’ve developed to build #TeamFHG.

In October, one of our own, Alyssa Poniatowski, was nominated for Hotel Management’s “Thirty Under 30”: a measure of the industry’s top rising stars. The FHG Marketing team, where Alyssa is a key driver, is known for keeping up with the demands of today and the trends of tomorrow, collaborating with Sales and Revenue Management to offer the best support to our hotel teams. In her first two years at FHG, she’s become widely recognized as part of the regional staff for her role in challenging and streamlining our processes. It’s players like Alyssa that make our success, present and future, possible. Young professionals bring energy and new ideas into the workplace, revitalizing not only that for which they are directly responsible, but inspiring (and sometimes challenging!) those around them.

Our hiring initiative around bringing more millennials into the fold is rooted in the life that they breathe into our company. As a mom, I’ve experienced the effect that being surrounded by youth can have; it brings excitement and keeps you on your toes (did somebody mention being challenged?). We bring young people like new Accountants, Irais Cortes, Peter Piatek, and Jason English, into our business to infuse that energy into our culture. We work closely with others, like Development associates, Sam Schwartz and Dorothy Bukowinski, who were both internally promoted, to open the door to the potential that’s alive in them and so many other exceptional young people like them.

Congratulations to Alyssa on this show of excellence. We’re proud to have you on our team, paving the way for future “Thirty Under 30’s!”